Prevent moisture damage

To keep your entire exterior in good condition, you need strong flashing and trims.

These vital components prevent moisture from seeping between the gaps in your roof, where the moisture can cause serious structural damage and mould problems. So, if your flashing or trim looks old or damaged, replace it with something more durable and aesthetically pleasing, like metal or upgrade to copper for a unique look!

Metalworks Canada Ltd. provides homes and businesses with custom flashing and trim in Calgary and areas. We have products to suit every exterior and style.



Metal products have several advantages over wood.

Our flashing comes in a variety of colours for both steel and aluminium. When properly installed, these materials keep your exterior watertight and protect your house from moisture. We produce both standard and custom flashing, up to 20′ long.

Metal will not rot, warp or crack the way wood will. If you do not catch wood rot quickly it can spread to your house’s framing. Our metal trim helps mitigate this problem and is more durable in Canada’s various weather conditions.

We use a computerized system to manufacture all our products. This enables us to produce consistently reliable pieces. Our team can also customize your flashing and trim to fit your specifications. We put our customers first from fabrication to transportation.