Quality protection

The soffits and fascia under your eaves and decks protect windows and doors and aid ventilation. However, these sheltered under-areas have a tendency to rot, leak, and develop mould. When this happens, you need high-quality replacement materials to get your eaves back to its best.

Metalworks Canada Ltd. provides soffit and fascia for Calgary and areas homes. Our custom-made metal products improve your roof’s function and get rid of those unsightly problem areas.

We build our soffit and fascia for Calgary residents to withstand the cold, wet winters. Our aluminium products will last longer than wood and will not rot. Aluminium also creates a finished look. Your new metal soffits and fascia will improve your home’s appearance.

We will make your aluminium soffits and fascia to fit your specifications and since we custom-make our products, we can accommodate unique setups!